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Bella Floors and Stairs is a company specialising in hardwood flooring and stairs, focusing intently on bringing the highest quality service of floors and stairs installation to all of our clients, along with very professional and personalized customer service.  All of our staff, from our sales associates to our installers, have received specialised training in order to assist and guide home owners in obtaining the results they desire.  Bella Floors and Stairs greatly values hard work and honesty.

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Two of the most important characteristics of hardwood floors are long durability.


An interior staircase can be the focal point of a room. Therefore.


Designing the inside of your home is one way to personalise it and vinyl flooring is renowned for its selection of colors.


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Give your home the look of hardwood with laminate flooring.Laminate flooring is extremely durable, with the ability to resist scratches and moisture, and it is very easy to maintain.

Bella Floors and Stairs



Bella Floors and Stairs is run and attended to by the company’s president and CEO Cesar Beltran, who has been in the industry for the past two decades and has completed numerous projects with 100% customer satisfaction. Mr. Beltran has attended several courses and training sessions, in order to increase his own experience and skills, as well as of his staff (both sales associates and installers), whom he trains personally.

Throughout the years, Mr. Beltran has learned both the positive and negative matters within the job by working for several companies, from which he has gained a vast experience. This experience significantly aids him in providing the right solutions for his customers and to ensure avoidance of technical issues or potential problems.


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