La tarjeta que esta

Having a Digital Business Card is like having
a personal website that creates a great impact on
Multiple devices:

To promote

Your products, services and image across audio, video, and animation.

To connect

with your customers anywhere in the world at any time.

To facilitate

your customers access to all the information about the products or services of the company.

To generate

credibility, respect and authority in your field.


a powerful tool, not just sales, but of permanent union with its customers.

To position

as an innovator and leader in your field.

Share your mydigicards with anyone, anywhere in the world and at any time.
It does not need to have technical expertise, we deliver you your card once in 24 hours.

Your digital card adapts to multiple mobile devices, creating a great impact.

Your digital card will be very well to multiple devices,
such as iPhone, Blackberry, Android, Samsung Galaxy,
tablets, and desktop computers.

Now your business card is a powerful tool, not just sales but permanent union with your customers

Always be in the phone from your client

Share an unlimited number of digital cards and is working with the environment.

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Position yourself as a
innovator and leader in your field.

A card of business digital «of high technology» you gives an advantage competitive through your positioning as a person innovative.

Now you can show to the people that are to «the vanguard» and you are leader in your field.

Is an of the first people in your industry in obtaining a card of business digital today!

Brand your image in the home screens with an «icon of application» and never miss the crowd.

Imagine your clients to see your photo on the homescreen of their smart phones or tablets. Experts say that 94% of American adults have their mobile phones at your disposal 24 hours a day.

They take their phones everywhere. To work, school, shopping. Even when going to sleep. With a digital business card you can have an «icon of application» with your photo or your logo on screens of smartphones of people…

So, you can have a constant presence in the devices that your contacts carry with them everywhere. This creates what marketers call »high level of remembrance.»

All cards of digital business that you’ve given your customers instantly… and automatically update!

Hurry reserve your card before that someone else do it!


Design Digital card
Logo of your company at the top of the card
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Free graphics 12 ways to promote yourself
with a digital card

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Deliver your card in 24 hours apart of receiving

the form with all the information.

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