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I have been a wellness coach for more than 25 years with a nutricion company, Herbalife Nutricion.

For helping individuals and families around the world to have a better and healthy life style with the nutrional products, on this day I have earned my place to be in the Executive Presidents Team 15k.

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Our Products


It feeds their cards with the best nutrients on the market. Supports your immune system, it maximizes energy production to increase vitality and achieve optimal health.


Trying to lose weight? Not seeing results Herbalife’s Weight Management solutions are for you. Combining cutting-edge science with delicious shakes and snacks, Herbalife’s Weight Management products can help you lose those unwanted pounds.


The amino acids L-arginine and L-citrulline promote blood flow and production of nitric oxide, benefiting the healthy functioning of the heart, brain and other organs.
The production of nitric oxide helps maintain healthy blood pressure, which is already within a normal range, and helps preserve the elasticity of blood vessels. *
L-arginine and L-citrulline help keep blood vessels toned and flexible for a healthier vascular system. *


Promote your skin’s health from within for visibly younger looking skin. This supplement is available in Strawberry Lemonade flavor. It is formulated with Verisol®* collagen to support skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles.†
Key Benefits
Formulated with Verisol®* collagen which has been tested to show support of skin elasticity and the reduction of fine wrinkles.†
Bioactive Collagen Peptides®‡ can reduce signs of cellulite.†
Contains Vitamins A (as beta-carotene), C and E, which help prevent harmful free radical cell damage that ages your skin.†
Supports strong nails and healthy hair with selenium, zinc and biotin.†
Fast Facts
Powder form
No artificial flavors or sweeteners
For men and women
Mix 2 scoops in 8 fl. oz. of water or add to your favorite shake, tea or aloe
2 scoops/day = 1 serving. Take once a day.


Product Overview
Balanced with carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals, Formula 1 Sport provides a healthy meal for athletes.
Key Benefits
9 g of milk protein, which supports lean muscle mass.
13 g carbohydrate blend per serving provides immediate and sustained energy.
20 vitamins and minerals
L -Glutamine supports muscle growth and immune function.
Antioxidant support.
NSF tested and 100% Certified for Sport®.
Fast Facts
Create your own Formula 1 Sport recipes by mixing with fresh fruit and ice.
Antioxidants Vitamin C and E help scavenge free radicals.
Formula 1 Sport contains 1000 mg L-Glutamine which supports muscle growth..
micronutrients and promotes cellular energy production.*

With these products at the core of your program, you can also add in other products that address your specific health goals.

My Skills

Coach & Mentor
Marketing Funnel Strategist & Consultant
Public Speaker


International President’s Team


Herbalife is a company that combines the best of science and nature to offer us its products «Nutrition and Well-being for a better life.
Millions of people around the world use Herbalife to look their best and achieve financial independence.


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